The Hijabis

UnderCover Traveller

Maryam is an UnderCover from the Philippines who found Islam while she was traveling around the region. She continues to volunteer, particularly for the Rohingyas in Malaysia and the war-stricken province of South Thailand. Maryam chose the nickname to remind herself of the best woman in the Quran, Mary, Mother of Jesus. “The way she talked, the way she carried herself, the decisions she made in life, even the way she dressed – a true model of a Muslim woman, and the first one to move me to wear the hijab.”

UnderCover Party Girl

Maya is another UnderCover from the Philippines. Before finding Islam, she was a socialite who loved going to parties, until a friend introduced her to the Quran. She remains to be her bubbly self and continues to be in style, but as a beautiful hijabi who knows her worth. While working as a marketing officer in Manila, she also helps organise events for other Muslim reverts and actively volunteers for community events.

UnderCover Student Leader

Rungtip is an UnderCover from Thailand. She is an active student leader in Bangkok, having represented her country in various youth leadership programmes. She continues to be active in her socio-civic engagements, as a hijabi, representing not only Thailand, but how bright and productive Muslim women can be as well.

UnderCover Professional

Shobi is an UnderCover from Malaysia. She was born into Hindu parents, converted to Christianity in High School and eventually found Islam a few years ago. In a country where religion is tied closely to race, she faced tremendous pressure from family against her conversion. Working as a professional in an office, she had to transition to being a hijabi around her peers too. So far, her journey has been nothing but blessed.


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