Our Niyyat

Assalamualaykum, peace be upon you all, brothers and sisters in humanity!

Bismillahi rahman raheem, in the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

Hijab – more commonly known the “head covering” of Muslim women, is an oft-forgotten tradition shared by many faiths. More than the physical appearance, it carries with it a faithful reminder. We see the Catholic nuns, Orthodox Jews and Christians, covered for the same noble values – obedience, simplicity, modesty. However, in Islam, every woman is chosen to serve an example.  For a Muslim woman, the hijab is a principle – a high personal expression of piety, to cover-up one’s aura, yes, but at the same time, a responsibility to society, to represent Islam and everything it means as undercover agents of peace.

This is the blog of 4 hijabis who have found the beauty of Islam in Southeast Asia. Through our stories of struggles, hope and love for the sake of Allah, we hope that the rest of the region appreciates the value of hijab and other Islamic values that are truly practical and universal. Muslims in Southeast Asia approximate to 40% of the entire region. It is the official religion in Brunei and Malaysia, while Indonesia holds the biggest population of believers in the world. Philippines, Thailand, Singapore have significant minorities, and a few around the Mekong region too. We know and feel that our region has a lot of beautiful stories to tell about our beloved way of life.  And we want to take part in this movement! Peace out y’all. ❤

InshaAllah ameen.


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