My First Day UnderCover

My first day Undercover

I had always been wondering how they wear that headscarf, did the pin hurt their heads, were they hot or why they bother to wear additional unnecessary headscarf?

At where I was born and raised, women with headscarf are unreachable and strange. Only women with headscarf I knew in my childhood were nuns.

As I turned 23 and all around me was about trying and testing (of course, in a good way), I one day decided to wear a headscarf to Islamic class on Sundays. I had no friend to teach me how to do it; I solely depended on Youtube and the keyword ‘how to wear Hijab.’  I started with a plain-color neck scarf I had and strictly followed the instruction in videos. Ta Da, I’d finished. I looked at myself in the mirror and ….. I felt like I’d never seen myself without hair before. I smiled, and yes! I still looked good in there. I was almost ready for the Islamic class excepted for my cloths. I turned my wardrobe upside down just to find a long dress or pants that well fitted with my Hijab color. I didn’t find it eventually, nothing is perfect at first I told myself. So I’d just gone out with what I had. As I took a bus in town to the class, I tried to look for a company, aka anyone who wore Hijab in the bus. I was turn out the one, and only one, in the bus with the head wrapped. I remembered well that I was treated differently and respectfully that day. Guys who walked pass me stopped his steps and let me walk first in a tiny space path. I was not checked out with nasty eyes on a public mass transport. No one bother looked at my bottom and legs as they walked pass me. I felt safe and respectfully.

I then thought my first day wearing Hijab was not that bad.


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